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Neversink Do Cans

What We Do.

Neversink is a holistic experience design agency. We create deeply connected brands, services and products that enable worthwhile relationships between businesses and people. We humanize brands.

We work where brand strategy and design thinking meet to help businesses distill, define and articulate what they do and why they do it. We build modern experiences for brands with purpose, on special projects and initiatives that demand fresh creative thinking, using design to connect businesses to their audiences in meaningful ways that garner tangible returns, regardless of the medium.

We don’t design for designers. We design for people. 


We know from exploring, designing and elevating brands, in several hundred different ways.


Websites designed, developed & launched

Custom and correct, from e‑commerce to viral splash pages.


Springsteen Hours

We leave it all out there on the stage, we find the hook(s), we prove it all night.

Our Capabilities

20151222_NEVERSINK_PORTFOLIO_IMG_9227 Marge Granola, the original packaging

Brand Design

Designing for Resonance

… and not just presence. We challenge our clients to abandon pretense, and discover, embrace, and embody their vision and reasons for being. Then we challenge ourselves to do the same, working to create meaningful identities, websites, packaging, publications, wayfinding, environments and on and on…

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We work with clients around the world from our headquarters in Seattle, providing a combination of award-winning design, custom website development, and consulting services, all with generous dashes of New Jersey-flavored chutzpah, moxie, and inclinations to say something new.

  • Identity Systems
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging
  • Creative Direction
  • Built Environments
  • Logotypes & Brand Marks
  • Campaign Design
  • Storytelling & Tone of Voice
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Apps & User Interface
  • Naming
  • Photography

Heart & Hustle: A decade plus of building more lovable brands

We talk so much about lovability because the success we care most about for a brand is that it’s worthy of respect, and can generate delight. That and a good product will earn you that purchase on your customer’s hearts and loyalties.

The Pantry Exploded Book Larder Journey


Farm-to-Table Experience Design

A design and strategy are only as good as the technology on which they’re built. Our engineers, no less than our designers and PMs, are creative partners helping develop smart strategies and deliver results at scale. With more than 20 years working beside the same designers, they also understand how to bend those technologies in the service of much more custom experiences, telling much more worthwhile stories.

Starting with a vision for the user experience, our digital team concepts, designs and builds world class experiences — from e‑commerce to marketing sites to apps, and everything in between. We offer full-stack, creative technology solutions to achieve the best possible digital experience for each brand, on-time and with élan.

  • E-Commerce
  • User Experience Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • Flagship Blog Development
  • Cloud and API Customizations
  • CMS Builds
  • Market & Journey Mapping
  • Scaling Strategy
  • Responsive Web Development
  • System Integration
  • Splash Pages
  • Interface Design

Carmen Ghias with Rolls Royce engines

Our fanciest work in development is further under the hood than usual: we’ve specialized in bending high-performance platforms to suit bespoke modern branding. From e‑commerce websites with Ticketmaster-levels of interaction, to our own proprietary, custom event platforms, we’re able to ensure that the brand’s voice (and reach) is amplified throughout.


The many hats worn

Our two-word answer to what we do” is brand design; the longer answer cites decades of experience in strategy, culture-shaping, operations management, content editing etc. All of that plus the pretty.


The companies and organizations that make it have a clear vision and purpose: They know the differences between where they want to be, where they’ve been headed, and where they are now, and understand the need to reconcile those questions. We craft strategies to address – and shift – today’s business challenges and define tomorrow’s vision.

  • Brand Definition
  • Marketing & Communications Plan
  • Naming Program
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Strategy Workshop
  • Industry Collaboration Strategy
  • Creative Strategy Day
  • Messaging Matrix
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Extensions
  • Stakeholder Workshops

Strong cultures fuel strong brands, empowering ownership and creating believers. We work with our clients to build self-perpetuating cultures that inspire inside and out, with an ability to evolve and grow organically and assuredly.

  • Brand Culture Definition & Strategy
  • Brand Culture Toolbox
  • Brand Launch Strategy & Tools
  • Community Relations

We design each brand with distinct personality traits rooted in a unique positioning, partnering great ideas with beautiful design to produce powerful tools that connect – that engage, endear, and engender loyalty – with their audiences.

  • Design Audit
  • Small Brand Identity System
  • Large Brand Identity System
  • Corporate Communications
  • Packaging Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Sales Tools
  • Asset Suite
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Sales Material
  • Apparel Design

Our in-house dev team works hand-in-hand with creative and the client to craft powerful, on-brand experiences that engage and convert. Rooted in technology and engineering, we’re hard-wired to prototype, build and measure results. We’re proud of the beauty we’re able to bring into form, but our websites, web applications and interactive environments deliver best-in-class user experiences on connected platforms and devices of all shapes and sizes.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Audits
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design
  • User Testing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce Positioning
  • Tracking Analysis

We help our partners navigate the ever-evolving landscape of brand and innovation storytelling with our own in-house photography and content teams. From product or environmental shoots to copywriting, motion production to media kits, our content team allows us to help you make it the last mile.

  • Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Integrated Campaign
  • Copy & Script Writing

Who We* Are

*Some of us, anyway

Sam Schick

Sam Schick

Founding Principal, Creative Director

Sam Schick is the founding partner and creative director at Neversink. With over 15 years of design experience in print, brand development, and interactive media, Sam has been the primary composer of Neversink’s voice. 

For over a decade prior to Neversink, Sam focused on policy, strategy, and development for organizations throughout North America and Eastern Europe, perspective and experience he joined with an artistic practice first begun in his teens.

Born in Dixie and raised in the land of Springsteen, he’s lived in five countries, nine states, crossed the globe on a research vessel, and currently hangs his hat in Seattle with his wife Megan, an Oliver and a Frances.

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