A bold and ambitious young writer and recipe developer? ✓. A creator who is uncommonly invested in the architecture and performance, the optimization and organization (not just aesthetics) of his own website? ✓ A design process that is as iterative as it is positive, all on account of the client's legit earnestness? You bet. We were privileged to redesign and relaunch Macheesmo as a souped-up powerhouse that delivers a wealth of content produced by a staff of one as if an entire team were behind it (take that, Pioneer Woman). And...we got to design a nifty little logomark and wordmark set.

Visit: www.macheesmo.com

Macheesmo logo
Macheesmo logo

An inviting homepage with a careful, well-organized hierarchy, balancing multiple points of entry with a number of customized content feeds, micro-formatted recipes and even revenue streams. You should imagine how well this man's recipes are built if he's this good at conducting even his website development.

Macheesmo Home Page

A model for many that came later, Macheesmo's recipe database was made visual as well as sortable, with users suddenly able to group and sort from an extensive back-catalogue, all to suit their very current needs.

Macheesmo Recipes
Macheesmo Leftovers

And a strong little run of business cards as testament to the genuine mirth this man has for food and the fun that can be had with and over it.

Macheesmo business cards
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