Brandon Pettit and Molly Wizenberg's Delancey began as authentically as a restaurant could – two strangers meet over a shared love of food and community, fall in love / move in / get married, and start seeing their own community form around them, then open a restaurant because the nation's best pizza needs some place to be served. The homemade life didn't stop there, with Pettit himself building out most every aspect of the restaurant, and Neversink there from the start, from helping Captain Pettit pour and build the bar, to putting in place every last tile of the oven, from making the tables to hand-painting the doors. The whole business was a craft – as much as a labor – of love, and that extended to the opening of Essex, the extraordinary craft cocktail bar next door.


Delancey dinner service

In keeping with the "homemade" logo and even menus, the original website (still only lightly modified) was (and is) 100% hand-written, and even photographed with the same Polaroid cameras that have been documenting the restaurant and its social family since it opened.

Delancey website

All collateral is letterpressed on a reeeeal fine, thick stock, with lettering you can feel on your fingertips, and a feeling to each piece that kinda makes you feel like you're writing out a secret note to a friend.

Delancey business cards
Delancey gift certificate

Essex presented a more elegant challenge, with a smaller range of pieces even more dialed-in and particular. Though our solutions for logos and main signage were similar, we produced a whole family of hand-painted way-finding signs that are hung throughout the business, the signs over the main doors seemingly pulled from Willie Mae's Scotch House, the gold-painted bathroom doors looking like vintage office doorways from the Roosevelt Hotel (another New Orleans reference there for ya).

Essex wallpaper
Essex website

The greatest testament to Delancey and Essex is not just that we each feel that it's our Cheers, always full of familiar faces and reunions, laughter and the same cold drink you always begin your night with, but that so many outside of the more immediate Delancey family also feel it's their Cheers. We were honored to be there to help build, shape, and open Delancey, and have loved every project and dinner there since.

Delancey windows
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