We've spent at least as much time in Book Larder as customers as we have in helping develop the brand. Before the shelves were built and the oven installed in this beautiful cookbook-shop and class space, we worked with Lara Hamilton to develop a logo, signage, a surprisingly capable, extensible e-commerce platform, and even the sweetest little bookmarks you'd ever hold in your hands.

Visit: www.booklarder.com

Book Larder storefront
Book Larder bookmarks
Book Larder business cards
Book Larder website

Like a page pulled out of an old recipe binder, the website has grown with the business, its Content Management System pre-prepared for the full e-store added one year after opening. Now, in addition to full events listings and a blog, the store has a custom-built series of filters allowing the user to sort by publisher, author, and/or categories, all added to an in-site cart and processed in-site. You can even buy the best tote bags we've ever seen, then come in to the shop and fill it up.

Book Larder website

Most every piece of collateral for Book Larder was crafted for its own sweetness, from the bookmarks verrrrrry particularly sized to the charming gift certificates, to the great canvas and coloring of the tote bags. Letterpress and offset printed, French Paper Co. stock, and damn-near collectible for their sweetness alone. And that window, you can bet it was hand-painted, the colors dialed in to match.

Book Larder bookmarks
Book Larder gift certificates
Book Larder windows
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