Our portfolio out there in the Great Hall represents just the tip of our graphic work, with drawers and external hard drives of additional work back there somewhere, another 40 websites, 60 posters, 10 book covers and such just waiting for us to grant them their own "case study". Until then, here's a glance at a few other projects, some still in-progress and on their way to case studies, and others just too sweet to us to forget about entirely.

Dino's Tomato Pie Business Cards on Paper
Dino's Tomato Pie Business Cards on Paper

From the brilliant mind behind Delancey, Dino's Tomato Pie is a semi-thick, Sicilian-by-way -of-New-York-style pizza project we've had the exceptional fun of working on. So much more to come from this, from the website –  an earnest homage to the glory days of Geocities websites one would have been lucky to have a friend develop (and the kind of delightfully janky website that many of the New Jersey businesses we grew up around still have) that is alllll fun. Above: A custom script developed for Dino's and a set of righteously thick and satisfying business cards.

The Wedding of Annie Hoopes and Amber May

The legendary young Doctors Andrea Hoopes and Amber May were planning for their wedding a fabulous balance of the Northwest and the Southern border, and we jumped in with papel picado-inspired invitations. Hand-cutting the originals and laser-cutting the rest, the couple sent these out to every guest, alongside letterpressed RSVP mailers and lined envelopes.

The Wedding of Annie Hoopes and Amber May
The Wedding of Annie Hoopes and Amber May

When the Urban Oven came to us the idea was still for a portable pizza oven that might be towed to catered events. As the concept broadened to a truck, we designed and trouble-shot an exterior that would turn the entire truck into a chalkboard, with the day's menu hand-written each day, beside the graffiti and more-than-occasional Hollywood personality. (We can't control for the quality of the graf on any given day.) Business cards carried over the literal and figurative feel of the truck.

Urban Oven Business Cards
Urban Oven on The Mindy Project
Urban Oven Truck

Books and their design are still the promised land for us, that which gets us most excited. (In a different world, it might be all that we do.) We're already working on a full page for our covers over the years, but thought you could do with four, for now.

Raymond Carver-Where I'm Calling From

Logos are a smaller part of our work, while we focus on larger identity systems, but they've certainly factored in (and do in other case studies you can look through). Below are a few of the extended family members we've worked on over the years, none as much fun as Drygoods Design, the gorgeous and inspired textile and class shop in Seattle's Pioneer Square. Keli Faw's fabulous, and it's a place you should put your list soon as you can.

Idlewild Pizza
Park Public House logo

If we could easily put together a page from our book covers alone, we could perhaps put together a separate site from our poster work over the past 14 years. From nearly 50 hand-lettered posters in the early years, to what we've silk-screened, letter-pressed, digitally magicalized or ...hand-lettered, they could be our favorite pasttime. (Did we say that was book covers? Tough call.) As for the signage, this one's just the tip of a great project (and case study) to come, but was too sweet to leave out this time around. If you're ever on Nantucket – and you should be – The Corner Table has a good seat waiting for you.

The Pantry, Seattle
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